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High Pressure Machine Tool Industry Development, Machine Tool Bearing A Long Way To Go
Dec 26, 2016

One of the country's machine tool industry technology and product quality, an important indicator is a measure of the level of development of equipment manufacturing, numerically controlled machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment was generated by manufacturing value based and industry jumped to stand, and is at the heart of basic manufacturing capability, only with a solid basis of manufacturing capacity, it is possible to produce advanced equipment, enabling the production of higher-value products.

Although China's machine tool industry in world machine tool industry and occupies an important position in the global market, but still cannot be counted as the machine power. Compared with the machine tools of the world powers, China's machine tool industry still has some gaps, especially in the high-grade machine tools the competitiveness is not strong.

In addition to international competitiveness is not strong, core components of the domestic machine tool is also crucial, especially in machine tool bearings. Machine tool bearings directly affect the accuracy and performance of precision machine tools.