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High-tech Zone Bearing Industry Park Evaluated As National Science And Technology Incubator
Jan 24, 2018

High-tech Zone Bearing Industry Park Evaluated as National Science and Technology Incubator


In recent years, Dushan Hi-Tech Zone has continuously optimized the investment environment, created investment atmosphere, listed the bearing industry as the leading industry in the development of the district (town), actively created the industrial development platform, and issued preferential investment policies. Implementing considerate "nanny type" service, carrying forward the enterprising spirit of facing difficulties, the park enterprises are growing and growing, attracting the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Bohai Rim. Chengdu-Chongqing and more than a dozen provinces of investment merchants poured in, making the park a new hot land for investment.

Through the cultivation and support in the past five years, there are 60 enterprises in Dushan high and new technology zone bearing industry park, nearly 600 bearing assembly lines and 2 billion sets of bearings per year. Annual output value of 2.6 billion yuan. Steel tube cold drawing, ring production, heat treatment, matching and other industrial chains are basically formed, the industrial matching gradually improved, has developed into Guizhou province and even the whole southwest of the most complete supporting. In 2017, under the guidance of the park, the bearing industry park Yuancheng, Avenue, Tianhong, Dagong, Guidian, Xinhang and other enterprises from "closed doors" to "go out". Successive ginseng Add Guangzhou spring trade fair, West Asia (Qatar) equipment exhibition, Guizhou equipment industry exposition and other exhibitions, expanding Dushan bearing external awareness rate, impact rate, improve the quality of products for subsequent enterprises. Expand the product category, expand the influence of enterprises, "Dushan manufacturing" to the country, abroad set an example.

In order to upgrade the bearing industry from leading industry to pillar industry, Dushan Hi-tech Zone will continue to speed up the construction of 280,000 square meters of standard factory building of the second bearing Park, which is expected to be completed in end of 2018. At the same time, it will increase the size of the building. The "recruit, select" strength of the scientific and technological bearing enterprises, ensure that the factory building is built and the enterprises enter into production, creating conditions for the Dushan to become a famous "bearing town" in China.