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How To Choose The Right High Speed Engraving Electrical Spindle Spindle Bearing
Dec 26, 2016

Angular contact ball bearing in high speed spin, the ball produces a large centrifugal and gyroscopic, centrifugal force much larger than the cutting force to the ball, therefore bearing the design working load is the main parameters are no longer, but speed. In order to solve the high-speed rotating centrifugal force problem, for rolling bearing by itself, you can take the following measures:

(1) minimize the ball diameter, which reduces the radial size of ball;

(2) the density of small hot-press sintering of Si3N4 ceramic material balls, namely reduced ball quality. Si3N4 ceramic materials have low density, young's modulus, thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistant, non conductive, non-magnetic and the advantages of thermal conductivity. Now made with hot Si3N4 ceramic ball bearing, roller bearing steel, this bearing is called a hybrid ceramic ball bearings.