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IONX Asset Monitoring
Dec 07, 2017

               IONX Asset Monitoring   IONX资产监控

The Smart Train is here 

IONX® Asset Monitoring from Amsted Rail uses the latest wireless technology to locate and monitor all your mobile assets in near real time around the globe. With IONX you get comprehensive information that is essential to optimizing your whole fleet’s performance, condition and security. So you’ll know whether a tank car is loaded or empty, be able to monitor bearing temperatures, and be alerted to end-of-car impacts. And with the customizable, Web-based dashboard, managers can view relevant data from wherever they are – at any time they like. 来自Amsted Rail 的Ionx资产监测,采用最新的无线技术,在全球范围内实时定位和监控你的移动资产。有了 IONX你能得到优化整个列车组性能,状况和安全的至关重要的信息。这样你就知道罐车是满载的还是空的,能够监测轴承温度,并警惕车位撞击。使用可定制的、基于网络的仪表板,管理人员可以随时随地查看相关数据。

Industry Solutions行业解决方案

Comprehensive solutions customized to meet the needs of your industry满足您行业需求的综合解决方案

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Management Reports管理报告

Visibility of your assets to see location and condition status in near real time您资产的可见性,以便实时查看位置和状态

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Detecting changes in security, impact, temperature, weight, location, speed and more检测安全、碰撞、温度、重量、位置速度更多的变化

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