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Japanese Expert Went To ZYS For Bearing Test
Aug 24, 2018

ZYS is not only responsible for the research and development of bearings, but also for the key functions in China rolling bearing industry, such as standard formulation, bearing testing service, bearing material development, bearing failure analysis, etc. ZYS sets National Bearing Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, which can offer bearing omnidirectional inspection, the bearing failure analysis, the material analysis, the cage and the grease analysis and so on. The test report is authorized in the worldwide approval. 

There are 260 sets of main equipment, including 30 precision metering instruments, 20 material analysis instruments, 210 sets of special equipment for bearing ,bearing performance, bearing life. The testing scope currently authorized by the Center Laboratory includes: rolling bearings, joint bearings, linear motion rolling supports, rolling bearing parts, precision mechanical parts, metal materials.

Yesterday, one Japanese expert went to ZYS for bearing testing and analyse. With the report, we will work together to solve his technical problems and improve the bearing quality.