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Lack Of Standards For Key Components Becomes A New Bottleneck Of High-end Robots Made In China
Feb 01, 2018

    With the attention of the country to the research and production of robots, the industry is showing a trend of outbreak in China. China has been ranked first in the production and sales of robots in the world for many years. However, <Workers' Daily> reporter found in interview that the lack of standards for some key components hindered the high-end of domestic robots.

   However, some people in the industry said that at present 90% of the domestic high-end bearings are occupied by foreign products. China is also actively seeking breakthroughs in this field. With the support of special funds from relevant departments; at present, from a technical point of view, we have made a breakthrough.

   Although the technology has made a breakthrough, we encountered new problems. Without standard, it is difficult to verify the bearing quality and reliability of domestic reducers. "key components such as reducers are not used by enterprises because of the lack of standards," said Qu Daokui, president of Shenyang Xinsong Robotics.

   "When we were breaking into the market, a lot of customers met this problem. They purchased the reducer from abroad produced with foreign standards which are different from ours, so it is difficult to enter the market. At present, there is no uniform standard for the products of domestic industrial robots," Zhu Keming said. "We call for uniform standards for this industry, and the industry has already begun to set standards. But that's not enough. I think the whole robotics industry, especially the reducer, should have standards, and that's the only way to have standard for bearing. "

   According to the reporter, because of the lack of standards in many fields , we have encountered " hard bone ". Many domestic enterprises bear enormous pressure due to the difficulty in seeing the effect in the technical field . Many market people told reporters that most of the low - end robots produced in the country use low - end reducers, which do not require too strict standards . However, high - end products on the market have strict requirements for reducers and bearings, all of which are from abroad.

   In view of the huge potential of the Chinese market, at present, many foreign enterprises have a good understanding of the Chinese market, and they have started to build factories in China to reduce costs. In an attempt to make it difficult for Chinese companies to enter the market.

   Song Xiaogang, secretary-general of the China Robot Industry Association, said that if Chinese enterprises want to make a breakthrough, they need to bring together all the forces of each party on whether a whole robot machine or key basic parts(reducer, bearing). According to the reporter, at present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant departments, as well as some colleges and universities all joined in this robot project. There are still many problems to be explored as to how to integrate market and government forces fully.