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Luoyang Science And Technology Major Project Technological Research On Special Bearing For Robot Passed Through Expert Group’s Acceptance
Dec 21, 2017

Luoyang Science and Technology Major Project"Technological Research on Special Bearing for Robot " Passed Through Expert Group’s Acceptance

      On May 11, 2017, luoyang bureau of technology, and bureau of finance organized relevant experts to investigate the major science and technology project "Technological Research on Special Bearing for Robot" . The project is led by our company. In order to meet the needs of domestic robot industry development, and to carry out key technology researches like robot bearing design, manufacturing, and testing.It worked jointly with other 11 robot related enterprises, and two universities. Through the implementation of this project, they developed series new special bearings for robot for more than 30 kinds and established a relatively complete series spectrum;The problem of heat treatment and easy deformation of thin-wall bearing was solved, and two test bases were established, six of the production base of the complete bearing industry were established, six standards were formed, and 90 patents were filed.