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Maintenance And Repair Method For Ball Screw
Dec 26, 2016

(1) Elimination of axial clearance. Ball screw after disassembly and Assembly, to ensure that reverse transmission accuracy and axial rigidity and axial clearance must be eliminated. Double nut ball screw clearance method, using the two nuts on the relative axial displacement, both of ball nut ball snapping in slash, respectively on the two opposite sides of the road. In this way axial preload to eliminate gaps, be aware of preload should not be too large, otherwise it will make racing torque increase, thereby reducing the efficiency.

(2) the lubrication of ball screws. Grease and oil lubrication. Add grease to threads Raceway and install the nut shell space, oil and lubricants through the shell hole into the nut within the space. Should be replaced every six months grease on the ball screw, and clean the old grease on the screw, applying new grease. Lubricating oil for lubrication of ball screws, before each machine come on again.

(3) protection of the ball screw. Ball screws should avoid dust or swarf, closed, such as the use of spring steel spiral casing, telescopic tube or folded casing. Installation connect the one end of the shield of the ball nut face, on the other end fixed ball screw bearing block.