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Monitor On The Indian Railway
Dec 13, 2017


     Indian Railways wishes to install railway vehicle mounted, ‘On Board Rolling Stock Condition Monitoring System’ that will monitor the health and safety of key components of the coaches, freight cars, locomotives and rail track that would finally result in improved safety, improved reliability, higher utilization, increased up-time and reduced operation cost of the railway assets by enabling Predictive Maintenance and reduction in sudden catastrophic failures of these assets.

    The ‘On Board Condition Monitoring System of Rolling Stock’ will enable Predictive Maintenance of coaches, wagons, locomotives and track by meeting the following functionalities:

      Improving safety by early warning of distress in or impending failures in wheels and wheel bearings. Using the vibration signature of the same sensors that are strategically placed on unsprung mass to do track condition monitoring too to indicate deterioration in the health of tracks thereby avoiding sudden failures in service. The system must have scalability to monitor traction equipment, bogie frame structural health, brake cylinder pressure, brake cylinder stroke and coach interior parameters, like temperature, battery health, battery charging systems and air conditioning systems etc. as a seamlessly scalable option. The respondent must co-operate with Indian Railways in its efforts to scale up the system at a later date. The architecture of the system must be modular so as to enable easy replacement of defective component.