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National Aircraft Group And Tianjin University Signed A Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement
Jan 11, 2018

National Aircraft Group and Tianjin University Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

     On July 5th, the national aircraft group and Tianjin university signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement in Tianjin. Xu Jian, general manager of the group, and Zhong Denghua, president of Tianjin university attended the signing ceremony and gave a speech. Zeng Xiangdong, deputy general manager of the group, and Wang Shuxin, vice president of Tianjin university, respectively signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides.

     Xu Jian, general manager, made a detailed introduction to the development process and industrial layout of the National aircraft Group. He pointed out that as a key enterprise under central management, the group has now become a comprehensive group with parallel development of multi-link technology. The main industries focus on the design and manufacture of heavy construction machinery, agricultural machinery manufacturing, engineering and geological equipment, petroleum and petrochemical, intelligent manufacturing and other five major fields, and has a good agreement with the advantages of Tianjin University. It is hoped that through this strategic cooperation, we will establish a long-term operational mechanism, innovate the mode of cooperation, jointly promote mutual integration and promote coordinated development, jointly serve the national innovation-driven development strategy, and further improve the comprehensive reality of both sides. Force and international competitiveness.

    President Zhong Denghua gave a brief introduction to Tianjin University's history, school motto, talent training, discipline layout and scientific research. He said that Tianjin University is the first modern university in China. After years of unremitting efforts and development, the discipline layout is perfect and the talent reserve is rich. We hope that Tianda and China National Machine Group can make up for each other and promote the innovation and development of industry, university and research through comprehensive cooperation.

     According to the agreement, the two sides will give full play to the resources and market advantages of the industry and industry of the National Machinery Group and the advantages of scientific research and development and talent training of Tianjin University, with emphasis on the development of scientific research projects and the transformation of scientific research results. Joint application of major projects and projects, scientific research platform co-construction and personnel training to jointly promote in-depth cooperation and collaborative innovation.

     It is understood that China National aircraft Group and Tianjin University have long maintained a good relationship of cooperation and mutual integration of production and learning. The unit of the group includes China Auto Engineering, China Zhongyuan, China Fuma, China Yitao, China heavy Academy. Hefei General Institute, Tianjin Electric Institute and other affiliated enterprises also maintain a good relationship with Tianjin University, for many years in industrial robotics technology and manufacturing, automation projects. The key technologies of construction machinery remanufacturing, measurement technology, optical electromechanical integration and other high-tech industries cooperate. Both sides give full play to the advantages of resources, and have achieved remarkable results in many fields of technology or products.

    Group related enterprises, headquarter departments responsible, Tianjin University School leaders, some departments responsible for the signing ceremony.