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Paying Attention To The Research Team Of The Department To Cultivate And Build The Domestic Special Clutch Development Base
Dec 27, 2017

Paying Attention to the Research Team of the Department to Cultivate and Build the Domestic Special Clutch Development Base

Clutch manufacturing department undertakes a number of military products research and development in the company and the product application covers the armed helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft, moon engineering vehicles and rocket launchers, and other important areas. In recent years, the new product has been developed well, and now there are 16 products under research. In 2016, the department has developed 9 new types of clutch and 15 kinds of bearing accessories products, more than 100 sets of design drawings, more than 400 copies of preparation process and inspection documents. The achievements of many scientific research projects, such as xx23, xx35 and so on, have been realized.

The smooth progress of production and the development of new products all need strong team support. For a long time, the department attaches great importance to personnel training and team building. There are 20 scientific and technical personnel, including 1 professors, 5 senior engineers, 11 engineers and 3 assistant engineers. In recent years, under the leadership of the department, team act positively and achieved remarkable progress. In 2016 only, 12 kinds of new products were developed by means of innovative techniques and methods, 1 second prize in science and technology in mechanical industry, 8 patent applications, and more than 20 technical papers were published.

Military and civilian products overrun clutch is the pillar product of clutch product manufacturing department. model number, large batch, high technical difficulty, the need for a series of technical research work, research and development personnel to stop working and striving for the workshop to provide technical services, to ensure production.In addition, in order to optimize the product design, to determine a more reasonable processing scheme, technical personnel also volunteered to take part in the various skills training, such as edm, wire walking and optical curve grinding training, the response is good, the effect is remarkable. 

A team is a combination of different skills, committed to common goals and Shared responsibility.The research team of the clutch product manufacturing department is such an organized, responsible and ambitious team.Team USES the project responsibility system, according to the personal professional specialty division of labor, and regularly to summarize the progress of the project, the department is based on the actual completion of the project as the appraisal content, according to the result of evaluation, evaluation and rewards and punishments to the team, team members, solidarity and collaboration, carefully to complete various tasks.  

Clutch products manufacturing team to second entrepreneurship and innovation as the goal, actively develop new products, new reform scheme, explore new technology, treat work with full enthusiasm, overcome difficulties and improve team cohesion, make persistent efforts, make contributions to development department and the company!