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Power Management And Communication Systems
Dec 12, 2017

Power Management and Communication Systems电源管理和通信系统

The entire IONX system leverages our proprietary ultra-low power technology that extends the life and charge of the batteries in the CMU as well as its sensors. Our robust components are engineered to withstand the harshest operating environments, from remote deserts to sub-zero climates.整个IONX系统利用我们专有的超低功耗技术,延长了CMU和传感器中电池的使用寿命和我们的坚固组件被设计成能够承受最恶劣的操作环境,从遥远的沙漠到零下的气候。

Online Access to Data联机数据访问

Access your fleet information 24/7 with a secure login to IONX’s Web interface. Here you can see the activity of your fleet, right down to the individual asset level. Our customized Web-based managements tools provide a comprehensive view of your system to monitor trends and improve financial performance. 通过安全登录IONX的网络界面,可以24小时访问您的车队信息。在你可以在个人资产水平上看到你的车队的活动我们定制的基于网络的管理工具为您的系统提供了一个综合视图,以监视趋势和改善财务状况。