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Rapid Development Of High-speed Processing Machine Tool Bearings Require More Stringent
Dec 26, 2016

Ultra high speed machining as one of the advanced manufacturing technologies, in the last 20 years has seen rapid development in the world, especially in the aerospace, automotive, tooling and motorcycle industry widely. The key component of high speed spindle unit achieve. With the development of technology, lubrication of bearings, spindle speeds increased, the traditional mechanical transmission has been replaced by electro-spindle drive. For high-speed driving, more stringent demands on bearings for machine tools:

1.the smaller bearing tolerances and running accuracy to tolerance;

2.angular contact ball bearings instead of cylindrical roller bearing and a thrust ball bearing;

3.radial section dimension reduction, to reduce the spindle size and thermal conductivity of the system;

4.as far as possible and a much smaller rollers to reduce rotating inertia forces and improve the dynamic stiffness of shaft;

5.with high strength, lightweight cages, choice of appropriate guidance;

6.use bearings to ensure running accuracy and stiffness of the bearing.