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Reasons Leading To Heavy Cutting Of High Speed Motorized Spindle Stop
Dec 26, 2016

First, the spindle stops when heavy cutting may be the spindle motor and spindle connection due to belts too loose, too small spindle torque makes heavy cutting torque is insufficient, leading to CNC machine will stop automatically. Spindle drive belt tension can be readjusted to exclude stall problems.

Second, the motor transmission oil on the surface and spindle connection may also cause drive with spindle drive belt slipping phenomena, which contribute to lack of spindle in heavy cutting torque makes the machine will stop automatically. Then you can clean it with alcohol or gasoline to troubleshoot the problem.

Third, belt use for too long can also be caused by spindle motor torque can not drive problems, insufficient torque led to heavy cutting process will stop automatically. Then simply replace the old spindle drive belt will be able to troubleshoot the problem.

Finally, spindle motor torque transmission error is too large there may be transmission or clutch coupling connection due to attrition, spindle in heavy cutting, strong vibration, resulting in automatic shutdown. This problem of coupling or clutch can be adjusted or replaced.