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Scalability And Universality Of The Onboard Condition Monitoring System
Dec 19, 2017

Both Rolling stock and track related information shall be monitored and transmitted from the same sensor node.轨道车辆和轨道的相关信息都应该由同一个传感器节点检测和传输。


The data communications system shall be scalable to allow addition of sensor nodes in future.数据通信系统应该可扩展,以便将来添加传感器节点。

                        Data concentrator shall be modular and should be scalable to accept connection of additional                           sensors. For the protocol to be used for communications of the Data concentrator, kindly refer                         to clause 5.5.4. Apart from the hardware connectivity, software handshaking with sensors must                         also be ensured.数据集中器应该是模块化的,应该可扩展,以接受额外传感器的连接。用于数据           集中器的通信协议,请参阅5.5.4条款。除了硬件连接之外,还必须确保软件与传感器相连。


Additional input device in wireless fashion to the data concentrator to add more sensors.额外的输入设备以无线方式向数据集中器添加更多传感器


The system shall be applicable to both passenger and freight trains/operations.该系统适用于客运和货运列车/作业


System shall be capable of being scaled-up in future, with simple addition of sensors by connecting them to data concentrator, to monitor the following parameters. The list of parameters is not exhaustive and is not limited to only the ones mentioned in Annexure – 1.在未来,系统将有能力进行升级,通过简单地添加传感器并与数据集中器连接在一起,以监测以下参数。参数列表并不详尽,不仅限于附录1中提到的那些参数。



1. Additional parameters to be monitored in Passenger Coach:客车应监测的附加参数


a) Water level monitoring in water tanks on board the coach. Monitoring of internal temperature of carriage shall be available.客车水箱水位监测。车厢内部温度也可监测。


b) Air-spring pressure (where ever pneumatic suspension springs are fitted).空气弹簧压力(安装气动悬挂弹簧)。


c) Wheel slip and slide control system.车轮打滑和滑落控制系统。


d) Air brake system piston travel and Brake cylinder pressure.空气制动系统活塞行程和制动缸压力

e) Brake pipe and feed pipe pressure.制动管和进料管压力


f) Distributor Valve performance of the Air Brake system.空气制动系统配气阀性能


g) Automatic door closer system.自动关门系统


h) Additional wheel damage differentiation such as flange wear, out of round, etc.附加车轮损坏分化,如轮缘磨损,不圆等。


i) In case of Diesel Engine driven Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs), the health of Gearbox, traction motors and compressor(s).柴油发动机驱动的柴油动车组DMUs)中,变速箱、牵引电机和压缩机(s)的健康状况。


2. Additional parameters to be monitored in Freight Car (Wagon):货车要监控的附加参数


a) Brake system’s brake piston travel.制动系统制动活塞行程


b) Brake cylinder pressure.制动缸压力


c) Brake pipe and feed pipe pressure.制动管和进料管压力


d) Brake system Distributor Valve health – functional or non-functional.制动系统分配阀健康状况-功能性或非功能性


e) State of wagon – whether Empty or Loaded.货车状态-空车还是满载。


f) Additional wheel damage differentiation such as flange wear, out of round, etc.附加车轮损坏分化,如轮缘磨损,不圆等。


g) Broken spring in the suspension system.悬挂系统中的弹簧断裂


h) Crack on bogie frame.转向架构架裂纹