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Shaoxing Xinchang Automobile Parts Enterprise To Strengthen High-end Matching
Jan 30, 2018

Shaoxing Xinchang Automobile Parts Enterprise to Strengthen High-end Matching

      It was snowy at about 8:00 on 27th. The workshop of Zhejiang Yuansheng Plastics Co., Ltd., located in Xinchang Hi-tech Industrial Park, is in full swing. "as many sources of goods as possible before the Spring Festival," said Wang Qing, general manager of the company. This year's orders have been scheduled to the second quarter, the urgent need to start new projects.
    "Yuansheng" is a small enterprise with an annual output value of less than 100 million yuan, in the Xinchang auto parts industry sector is the "little dot." but is such a "small point", since the end of last year. Ushered in a group of rare leapfrogging momentum: the rapid growth of orders. "small and medium-sized enterprises applying for the land accounted for more than 1/3 of the total number of auto parts enterprises in the county," a person concerned with the Municipal Economic and Commercial Commission said.
    All along, Xinchang auto parts industry to "three flowers", "Wanfeng" two listed companies as the lead, many small enterprises are relatively "unknown." but this pattern is quietly changing. Lock in subdivision areas. To strengthen high-end matching, on the one hand, to form a differentiated competition with local leading enterprises, on the other hand, to learn from the advanced management experience of large enterprises. These small enterprises have found a rapid growth path in the grope. Zhejiang Bozhong Automobile parts Co., Ltd. is one of them.
    Since the beginning of the year, the global auto parts giant Konditec, Germany, Poland Mavero hand in hand "Boxer", signed a cooperation agreement, which means that the "Boxer" will gain more from Porsche. Orders from premium carmakers such as Land Rover are expected to double this year.

    Founded in 2009, its executives from local listed companies, starting from a small flange, has established a quality control system adapted to the company's production and manufacturing. Recently, the company has just won 27 acres of land and is moving ahead with new projects at full speed

    Through many years of technical research, a number of small and medium-sized enterprises have gradually grown into global invisible champions, from the original headlights to video lines. Zhejiang Xinbao Automotive Appliances Co., Ltd., located in Meizhu Town, is the only company in the county to focus on the development of automotive wire harness appliances. Last year, the company captured the key technologies of automotive video lines and became a successor to Germany. Wu Yongbiao, deputy chief operating officer of the company, said that the video line was mainly used in reversing imaging, and the market prospect was huge. After the second phase of production, the new phase III project was about to start.

     It is reported that Xinchang auto parts regulation on nearly 40 small and medium-sized enterprises, of which, more than 30% of the set up before and after the international financial crisis. "Young, focused on small products, with innovative research and development team." It is the common characteristic of these small enterprises. "the responsible person of the county's economic and credit department said that after the market reshuffle, most of the people left behind had" a skill "and" seize the opportunity to revive market demand. These enterprises have one after another killed into the global high-end auto parts manufacturing and supply system, to achieve the global high-end brand car R & D, synchronized with the development track of industrialization. "