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SKF Insight Rail
Dec 06, 2017

                                                         SKF Insight Rail 

What if you could anticipate rotating part issues on your train fleet without a major system installation? Or if you could schedule maintenance based on real conditions in the field?What if we told you it is actually possible?假如让你在没安装大型系统的条件下预测列车组的转动部分问题?或者你是否能根据现场的实际情况安排维修计划?如果我们告诉你这是完全可能的呢?

Smart. Anticipate issues before they develop into failures. With the SKF Insight Rail solution you can get advance notification signals with actionable information allowing enough time to plan maintenance operations and avoid unplanned stops. The installation will take you only a few minutes so don’t spend time and money to adapt your train layout or build customized systems. An SKF Insight Rail node is 100% wireless and requires no on coach installation. 
在问题恶化之前预测问题。按照SKF 轨道洞察解决方案,你可以通过可操作的信息获得提前通知信号从而有足够的时间来规划维护操作并避免意外停止。安装只需要几分钟,所以不要花时间和金钱来调整您的列车布局或构建定制系统。SKF Insight Rail 节点是100%无线的,且无需在旅客车厢安装。
Flexible. Base your decisions on facts instead of assumptions. SKF Insight Rail adds a flexibility dimension to your maintenance planning and allows you to increase maintenance intervals with confidence and utilize the full potential of your bearings. 
把你的决定建立在事实上,而不是假设上SKF Insight Rail为您的维护计划增加了灵活维度,允许您放心地增加维护间隔,并充分利用您轴承的潜力。
Affordable. With a flexible financial model adjusted to your needs you can benefit from latest condition monitoring technology and make your company ready for the future to improve your market position without having to overcome financial entry barriers. 灵活的财务模式可以根据你的需求进行调整,你可以从最新的状态监测技术中获益,并使你的公司为未来做好准备,以改善你的市场地位,而不需要克服资金进入壁垒。