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The Ability Of ZYS Testing Bearing Improves Substantially
Aug 04, 2017

The Ability Of ZYS Testing Bearing Improves Substantially

Recently, bearing test center of ZYS National Large Bearing Engineering Research Center has passed CNAS laboratory accreditation reassessment smoothly. Through continuous construction, adding testable inspection items and expanding testing scope, the ZYS’s ability of testing bearing has improved constantly.

To pursue its fast development in bearings, recently, bearing test center added high-speed tester. Now it has been running on the spot and completed tests for high-speed bearings with multiple specifications, which made it possible that the new developed high-speed bearing was sufficiently validated in the lab. Besides, bearing test center also added dynamic balance detector for cages, high/low automatic impact testing machine, metallographical detector, hardness detector and so on, in order to provides a solid underpinning for improving accuracy of test data.

ZYS bearing test center is a comprehensive bearing testing laboratory that combines with inspecting, testing, analyzing, researching, identifying and evaluating together. It owns many professional test platforms for windpower bearing, machine tool bearing, automotive bearing and railway bearing, and has the only one test machine in China to test over sized bearing. At present, the test scope and test ability of ZYS test center rank Top 1 in national bearing industry.