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The IONX Difference
Dec 08, 2017

                                                 The IONX Difference IONX差异

· IONX has proven technology for all sensing, M2M communications and GPS components. IONX已证明为传感技术、M2M通信和GPS组件提供技术支持

· IONX has a leading edge data analytics system designed specifically for rail operationsIONX有一个专为铁路运营而设计领先的边缘数据分析系统。

· IONX serves many facets of the freight market – fleet owners, railroads, and leasing companies. IONX服务于货运市场的许多方面——车队所有者、铁路部门和租赁公司。

· IONX has experience with TSA regulations regarding transportation of TIH/PIH materials Tank Cars. IONX在运输TIH/PIH材料的罐车方面遵守运输安全管理条例。

· IONX has the financial stability of Amsted Rail, a global multi-billion dollar company, which means we’re here for the long haul. Learn more about Amsted Rail. IONX 具有Amsted Rail金融稳定性。这是一个全球数十亿美元的公司。意味着我们需要更多的时间来了解Amsted Rail

· IONX and Amsted Rail have extensive expertise in heavy haul operations and manufacturing rail car systems. IONX和Amsted Rail在重载操作和制造铁路车辆系统方面有丰富的专业知识

· IONX is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our products are certified intrinsically-safe for North American, European (ATEX) and world (IECEx) standards. IONX是一家经过ISO 9001:2008认证公司。我们的产品在北美、欧洲(ATEX)和世界(IECEx)标准中得到了本质安全认证。

· IONX has proprietary, patented technology. View a list of our patents.

· IONX有专利技术