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The New Trend Of Transnational Corporations ' Marketing In China
Jan 02, 2018

The New Trend of Transnational Corporations ' Marketing in China

    The competition of domestic enterprises and multinational companies increasingly fierce. The competition is mainly reflected in the quality of products, price, brand, technology and quality advantages are gradually losing their multinational companies, because the domestic enterprise has partially mastered the technology and management experience, especially in the industrial field appeared overproduction, the phenomenon of excessive competition. In conclusion, the development of the global economic integration, the Chinese inevitably join the tide of world economy, this to all domestic and foreign enterprises have brought new opportunities and threats, understand China, win in Chinese, it must pay attention to China market environment change, adequate market research and effective marketing Marketing strategy is the guarantee of enterprise ' s success .

     The function of marketing to international economy and trade : can be divided into :

Enterprise . It is beneficial to increase the sales of enterprise product, enlarge the enterprise market scope and strengthen the international market competitiveness of the enterprise. Marketing is actually a concrete expression form of the enterprise culture. The marketing of the enterprise culture latent Emerson is the aspect of the enterprise,  including the most front line marketing . Marketing has a cognitive value for another function ring of enterprise culture, so that the whole staff of the company is more deeply aware that customer demand is the real value driving force, and the deep grasp of the customer demand of marketing has promoted the virtuous circle and healthy development of enterprises in all departments of the company , such as R & D , production , after - sales service , quality monitoring and so on .

    Knowledge and culture . It is beneficial to the communication and communication of knowledge and culture .

International trade consists of foreign trade in all countries of the world , while foreign trade in each country has import trade and export trade . Therefore , international trade includes both purchase and sale of two major aspects . International marketing only emphasizes the sale of this aspect ( and , here , it is not necessarily the export ) , that is , by understanding the international market demand , selling marketable products or services to the international market , so as to obtain income . In the case of international trade , the exchange of goods and services must be beyond the country The exchange, which participate in the exchange of goods and services must be transferred from one country to another. While the international marketing, as cross-border marketing activities, refers to these activities beyond the borders, rather than referring to products and services beyond the borders of the country. Enterprises in international marketing, its products and services can be beyond the borders, can not transcend national boundaries.

     In conclusion, from the macro perspective, marketing for timely, appropriate, appropriate price of the product from the producer to transfer to consumers, the production and consumption in time, regional balance, so as to promote the social total supply and demand balance plays a significant role. At the same time, the market marketing to realize the modernization of our country, the development of the the field of our country's economy, plays a huge role. The two complement each other, are inseparable. With mutual promotion, promote each other, mutual influence.