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Turkey's Wind Power Investment In 2017 Is Expected To Reach 5 Billion U.S. Dollars
Dec 22, 2017


Turkey's Wind Power Investment in 2017 is Expected to Reach 5 billion U.S. Dollars



The head of the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TUREB) revealed to Anadolu News Agency that Turkey planed to invest a total of 5 billion U.S. dollars in wind power this year.


根据TUREB会长Mustafa Serdar Ataseven的说法,2017年土耳其有望部署7兆瓦风电容量。几次拍卖活动刺激了风电行业的投资,其中包括可再生能源资源领域的1吉瓦风电招标。截至目前,土耳其已完成了大约3吉瓦风电项目的招标,并计划在年底前完成剩余容量招标。

According to TUREB President Mustafa Serdar Ataseven, Turkey is expected to deploy 7 MW of wind capacity in 2017. Several auctions have stimulated investment in the wind power industry, including a bid of 1 GW of wind power in the area of renewable energy resources. As of now, Turkey has completed the bidding for about 3 GW of wind power projects and plans to complete the remaining capacity bidding by the end of the year.

Ataseven said that a pre-permit bidding of 2.1 GW will be launched within five days starting December 25. Bidding requirements of the project completed in three to four years. 


Turkey aims to generate 100 GW of electricity by 2023, of which 20 GW comes from wind power. However, there is currently only 11 GW of wind power in the area of wind power. The Renewable Energy Administration estimates the country's wind power potential to be 48 GW.


At the latest wind auction this summer, Turkey awarded a one-gigawatt project to an alliance, including Siemens-Gomes Renewables, Turkey's Kalyon and Turkerler, at a bid of $ 3.48 / kWh .