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United States Anti-dumping On Chinese Tapered Roller Bearings And Their Parts
Feb 07, 2018

    At the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, which ended a few days ago, US protectionist policies became the target. However, United States seems unmoved and even defends protectionism. "Protectionism" became a key word at the first conference between U.S. Treasury Secretary Nukin and Commerce Secretary Ross, who also declared that he was preparing a series of other trade actions against China. Several reports have been prepared to be handed over to President Trump, including tariffs on steel and aluminium.

   China's bearing export suffered from the United States anti-dumping for a long history. On June 15th 1987, the Commerce Department issued its first anti-dumping duty on tapered roller bearings exported from China.

     The export of tapered roller bearings in China is greatly affected by American anti-dumping. Many small tapered roller bearing enterprises have withdrawn from American market under the pressure of high response cost and long-time pressure, which has seriously affected the development of China's bearing industry. Chinese tapered roller bearings are being blocked for export to the United States, hurting consumer interests in repair markets such as medium and low-grade cars, construction machinery and agricultural machinery.