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Use Considerations For High Precision Motorized Spindles
Dec 26, 2016

Spindle usage considerations

1, supporting the use of electric spindle with inverter, inverter specification and parameter sets voice matches the rated parameters of the spindle. If set incorrectly, it will burn out the motor spindle.

2, water cooled spindle must ensure the cooling system is working properly before use, is strictly prohibited in the absence of cooling conditions, cooling pipes and faucets connected to be reliable, no leakage.

3, the cooling liquid must be clean, without the greasy, temperatures of 5-30 degrees Celsius. If the ambient temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius, cooling medium on a mandatory refrigeration.

4, motor spindle during the process of storage and transport, high speed grease inside the bearing will change, customers first before using low-speed running. Run starting from the minimum speed of the spindle, if it is not running a direct high speed start, creates abnormal noise, noise, heat and other phenomena, affect the life of electric spindle bearing.