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Xingcheng Special Steel Annual Repairing Project Officially Started
Jan 17, 2018

Xingcheng Special Steel Annual Repairing Project Officially Started

    In January 8th, China Metallurgical Baosteel Technology Xingcheng heavy Plate Branch Plant pressure-leveling project officially started.

    The 50MN flattening machine of Xingcheng Special Steel heavy Plate Plant is designed and installed by Taiyuan heavy Industry. The flattening machine can realize the thickness of 30mm / 300mm and width of 900mm / 4200mm. The steel plate with a length of 3000mm or 18000mm is leveled, and the weight of the single sheet leveling plate is up to 45 tons. Due to the long service, the internal parts of the flattening machine are worn seriously. The main construction items include replacement of φ 1500mm main cylinder of flattening machine, replacement of supporting plate and guide plate of arch, replacement of hydraulic cylinder of roller in machine, etc. The most difficult thing is the replacement item of φ 1500mm main cylinder. Mesh, only one main cylinder on the weight of 92 tons, plus in the process of removal and replacement, the cylinder can not be directly derived from the flattening machine arch, the head of the first need to disintegrate, the cylinder rotation 90 degrees. Under the cooperation of two cranes, it needs 300 tons crane to remove.

    Due to the high requirement of maintenance construction precision, the project department of Xingye Metallurgical Project of Baosteel 5th Branch of China Metallurgical Co., Ltd. has made many investigations on the spot, analyzed the drawings in detail, and prepared various safety and technical plans in advance according to the actual conditions of the project. And the relevant personnel for detailed account.