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YANG HU, ZYS Young Technical Expert, Devoted Himself To Scientific Research And Spaceflight
Feb 06, 2018

     On January 21, 2018, Yang Hu, an expert in ZYS Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, was awarded the glorious title of "2017 ten of touching SIMOMACH."

    When you first met Yang Hu, you would not have imagined that this man was so thoughtful that he has been engaging in the design development and innovative development of high-speed rotors and satellite momentum wheels for large space vehicles for more than ten years. He overcame one technical difficulty after another.

    Although ZYS Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is facing some difficulties, the mainstay like Yang Hu did not change the initial heart. He said, we will insist on our career and we will make great efforts to revitalize Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd and develop the ZYS bearing industry and then win a place in the national key spaceflight programs. His enthusiasm and persistence really moved us.