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ZYS Bearings Applied To One Million Kilowatts Wind Power Base
Dec 01, 2017

     Recently, along with Datang, Huaneng Renewables, Huadian, Longyuan Dingbian wind power plant a total of 400,000 kilowatts of wind power units have been completed and put into operation, Shaanxi Province, Dingbian wind power generation and the total size of the grid reached 1.38 million kilowatts, which Also marked the county officially became the second "million kilowatt wind power base in Shaanxi Province" after Jingbian County.

      The bearing supplier of the base is Luoyang Bearing Science&Technology Co.,Ltd..

Up to now, the total scale of wind power development and construction in this county has exceeded 3 million kilowatts, of which 1 million 380 thousand kilowatts have been built, and it has become the largest scale wind power base in the province.