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ZYS Break The Monopoly Of Axle Box Bearing In Foreign Countries
Nov 30, 2017

     The technology of subway bearing has been monopolized by foreign countries all the time. China's long-term dependency on importing of axle box bearings is expected to be broken. To break the foreign monopoly in the field of high-end rail transportation bearings, is China's Luoyang Bearing Science&Technology Co.,Ltd..

    Luoyang Bearing Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. recently accepted the interview of  China Business Times reporter and said: "Our company developed bearings in Beijing Metro Line 8, after 3 years of rigorous operational assessment, passenger test 350,000 km, have successfully passed the experts Accreditation. Testing of the data have reached the relevant national standards and the leading domestic level, they can totally replace imported products. "

    Luoyang Bearing Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. became the first one in rail bearing industry that can be mass production and qualified supplier of R & D and production unit. The move marks ZYS breaking the pattern of foreign monopoly in the field, will replace the import of high-end bearings, ending the era of full import of high-end bearings to fill the gap in the country.