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ZYS Developed High-speed Rail Bearings Reached The International Advanced Level
Mar 30, 2017

ZYS developed high-speed rail bearings reached the international advanced level

Recently, In ZYS large high-speed railway bearing testing machine, ZYS rail bearings that the speed of 350 km high-speed rail test mileage exceeded 1.08 million km.

ZYS axle box bearing of 350 km per hour railway passenger has successfully completed the requirement of Ministry Industry, ZYS independent research and development of the country's only advanced testing platform, the company's commitment to the national "863" program of key projects for China's independent development of high-speed rail bearings to provide test data, so that China's railway bearing test technology reached the international advanced level.

ZYS is the R&D railway bearing enterprises,professional development and pruduct the railway bearing ,passenger baring,cargo bearing ,rolling bearing.and participation in the formulation of national standards for railway bearing,ZYS mainly produces high speed railway passenger car,truck,motorcycle,city subway and light rail trains and other specail bearings, ZYS invest 200000000 RMB to the latest CNC composite equipment abroad,the overall production equipment strength has reched the frist domestic,international advanced level,the whole company through the ISO9001 quality management system certification ,crcc certification,ZYS products are widely applied the railway truck bearing has been successfully exported to the international markets.