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ZYS Held The 2017 Dealer Meeting
Mar 20, 2017

"ZYS 2017 Dealers Conference" in Peony Hotel. From all over the country's dealers and related units, zys leadership and the management of the leadership and sales attended the meeting.


ZYS general manager of the company Wang Jinghua introduced the overall situation of the company and 2017 operating the overall idea of the work, He hope a vendor, and seek common development, and truly form a large distribution ZYS products team. Company Chief Operating Officer Zhu Kongmin briefed the delegates on the overall operation of the company in 2016, and also made a comprehensive arrangement for the 2017 production and sales plan, sales policy and sales system. ZYS Bearing User Representative - Wuxi Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Technology Center Deputy General Army also at the meeting on the ZYS precision bearings in the machine on the application and we have the exchange.