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ZYS High Speed Rail Bearing Is Expected To Be Installed On Bullet Train
Mar 06, 2018

      High-speed rail in China has become a pride for Chinese people, but one of its core components, high-speed rail bearings, has been imported from Sweden, Germany and other countries. ZYS, Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., has many years of experience in research and development of high-speed rail bearing. After small batch production of high-speed rail bearings and urban rail bearings in June, 2017, it was announced to set up a new bearing company to realize the mass production of domestic high-speed rail bearings. ZYS technician said, "We already have an annual production capacity of 60,000 sets of bearings, including 30,000 sets of high-speed railway bearings and 20,000 sets of bearings for urban rail transit vehicles, locomotive and drive bearing 10,000 sets ".