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ZYS Invest 5 Billion, High-speed Railway Bearing Industrial Park Go Into Operation
Nov 15, 2017

For more than 60 years, China has become a large bearing manufacturer. ZYS can manufacture oversized fan bearings with a diameter of 3 meters and can manufacture the most advanced intelligent automobile bearings. However, the high-end bearings are still monopolized by the world's bearing giants such as all imported high-speed railway bearings. In this regard, Chinese enterprises are trying to change, ZYS is one of them.

December 28, 2016, ZYS high-end bearing industrial park project in Longyou County Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province held a groundbreaking ceremony. The industrial park by the China-Zhejiang High Speed Rail Bearing Co., Ltd. construction, and the China-Zhejiang High Speed Rail Bearing Co., Ltd. is owned by the National Machinery Group CMEC, owned ZYS, Guangming Railway and equity investment in the car jointly funded the establishment of a registered capital of 250 million yuan.

The purpose of the construction of the industrial park project, it is precisely to achieve China's high-speed railway bearings, rail transportation bearings, special bearings and high-precision bearings full localization, breaking the foreign product technology and market monopoly to achieve high-end bearings completely independent intellectual property rights , To promote the technological development of China's bearing industry, service and safeguard the country's major equipment.