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ZYS Key Laboratory Of Aviation Precision Bearings Meeting Held In Luoyang
May 23, 2017

ZYS  Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings meeting held in Luoyang

On December 9, the State Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings held a meeting of the Academic Committee of 2017 to inform the annual work of the laboratory and considered and adopted the next year's work plan and major academic activities and other matters. Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department of Basic Research Director Guo Suichen, Luoyang City Science and Technology Bureau deputy director Wang Jianjun, aviation precision bearings State Key Laboratory of some members of the Academic Committee, the company leaders Wang jinghua, attended the meeting.

       At the meeting, Wang jinghua on behalf of the laboratory construction of the main unit read the appointment documents and academic committee awarded the appointment certificate.

       In the subsequent 2017 academic committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University professor, academic committee director Luo Jianbin academician presided over the meeting, laboratory director Pang Bi-tao to the academic committee members to inform the annual work of the laboratory.

       After careful consideration and questioning by the members of the meeting, the site of the new construction site and related laboratory equipment (see photo), the next step in the laboratory work requirements, requiring the laboratory according to the identified objectives and research direction, according to the annual Work plan and academic committee meeting requirements, refine the program, change the concept, in strict accordance with the "relying on enterprises to build national key laboratory management Interim Measures" requirements, the aviation precision bearing national key laboratory into a world-class laboratory.