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ZYS Medical Dental Handpiece Bearing
Jul 24, 2017

High speed dental drill bearing is the heart of high speed dental handpiece. 17 years ago, ZYS was the first one to devote in its design and new material use. ZYS dental drill bearing can give a stable performance as 400 thousand revolutions per minZYS (RPM), which has led dental treatment to a painless era.

S418 and S718 series dental drill bearing, the ferrule and balls are made of 440C stainless steel. ZYS also makes silicon nitride ceramic ones according to customer request. Currently, we are using stainless steel balls from Japan and Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramic balls from Saint-Gobain (USA).

We use super resin material with titanium fibers to make ZYS’s self-developed S418 series dental drilling bearing support frame. Since the hardness of titanium fiber is much lower than fiber glass, it protects the counterpart from friction. We also added some portion of solid lubrication in this resin to reduce friction and let the bearing endure longer friction under high speed rolling. The lubrication capability of this material is quite suitable for dental drilling bearings to take high temperature and high pressure steam sanitization time after time, even in oilless condition.

Because of the low friction of ZYS dental drilling bearings, it consumes less power but produces strong output performance. It also saves time and man power, preferred by many dental experts.