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ZYS Provides A Number Of Key Parts Bearings For The TIANGONG1 Rocket
Jul 05, 2017

ZYS provides a number of key parts bearings for the TIANGONG1 rocket

April 20 at 19:41, TIANGONG1 rocket launch successfully. China's first cargo spacecraft's successful launch, inseparable from the ZYS in a number of key parts of the bearing technical support, including bearing integration technology and high-precision harmonic reducer bearings is to let the sun on the 1st lighter weight, docking more accurate.

    ZYS provides a number of key parts bearings for the TIANGONG1 rocket

 It is the world's strongest carrying capacity of spacecraft, with the Temple of space space laboratory rendezvous and docking, the implementation of propellant in orbit addition, to carry out space science experiments and technical tests and other functions, was hailed as " Space courier ". One of the successful launch of the day boat is the task of our space laboratory "ending war", marking the era of China will soon open the space station.


In order to let the day boat shipped more, more parts of the spacecraft for lightweight design. Among them, ZYS use of bearing integration technology, innovation and development of a variety of special conditions non-standard bearings. The bearing and bearing parts related to the integration of the design, to achieve the transmission, support, rotation and other multi-functional unity, reducing the weight of the relevant agencies to help the day on the 1st light loaded battle, carry more.


There are also harmonic reduction gears for the support of spacecraft. In order to minimize the weight in a limited space, ZYS harmonic reducer bearing design is light, the thinnest ring wall thickness of less than 1 mm, put on the plane may be due to their own weight deformation, processing difficulty Can be seen. In addition to the sun on the 1st, after the Shenzhou series of spacecraft, Temple Series space laboratory, Chang'e series of satellites, most of the harmonic reducer bearings from ZYS.


ZYS innovative bearing production process, and continuously improve the bearing ring surface quality and other key indicators, making the bearing raceway surface ups and downs of not more than five thousandths of a thousandths of the international standard to achieve the highest level of accuracy of the successful completion of the production task, greatly reduced The impact on the force transmission, to achieve a lower friction torque.


As the highest precision bearing structure, the most complex structure, the largest size and many other bearing industry record holder, ZYS has the industry's only "aviation precision bearings State Key Laboratory", and for many times for the Shenzhou series of spacecraft, Temple Series space Laboratory, Chang'e series of satellite production series supporting bearings, highlighting a strong aerospace bearing technology research and development strength.