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ZYS Successfully Held The First QC Group Activity Competition
Feb 09, 2018

In order to practice the company's quality concept of "refined and meticulous, achieve quality", stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, promote the extensive development of QC group activities, and promote the quality improvement, on February 2nd 2018, ZYS Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. held "the first QC Group activity Competition" in Zhengzhou. Among the 14 items recommended by the affiliated enterprises, 12 outstanding QC results were selected by the Science and Technology quality Department of the company to participate in the publication competition.

This competition is the first QC group presentation event organized at the company level. It is an innovative initiative in improving the quality and efficiency of the company. It provides a platform for all units to learn from each other and excellent quality management experience, promote the integration and exchange among enterprises and accumulate experience for the further development of quality and efficiency.