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The conpany has been the leading enterprise and industry base of china bearing scientific and technological innovation.

zys bearings

Keeping such comprehensive advantages as bearing basic,theory,design,Manufacture,materials,inspection,testing,information standaed,etc.,the company has been in the leading position because of the reseaech ,decelopment and testing of precision bearing,bearingmanufacturing outfits,bearing  inspection instrument ,testing macine,spindle,ect.,which have been used for aviation,spaceflight,vessel,weapon,mining,metallurgy,wind turbine generator,machine tool ,machinnery and equipment.As is known,the company creates many precedents for china bearing industry,The company not only possesses the first-class bearing design technology(design theory,design software) and bearing testing technique,but also obtains a large number of advanced competitive core technology,The company has sete up post -doctoral scientific research workstation,as well as a strong team full of domestic and foreign medical experts who lead the development of china bearing industry and whose main researches represent the technology development direction of china bearing industry.

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