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Machine Tool Spindle

Machine Tool spindles for grinding include MD series machine tool spindle,MDF series machine tool spindle,MDF series machine tool spindle,MDK series machine tool spindle ,etc.The lubrication way of machine tool spindle may be oil mist,oil gas etc. The machine tool spindles are widely used in the bore grinding,external grinding,hauling grinding,screw thread grinding etc.
Machine Tool spindles for milling include XD series machine tool spindle,XDS series machine tool spindle,XDJ series machine tool spindle.
Machine tool spindle for drilling include ZD series machine tool spindle and ZDS series machine tool spindle.
ED series machine tool spindle for high-speed centrifugal devices are widely used in operation.
CD,CDJ series machine tool spindle are mainly used for high speed lathe work.
LD series machine tool spindles are usually used for high -speed rotation.
XP,XPJ,CPJ serie machine tool spindles can be used for the processing.
  • Grinding Spindle

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    Grinding Spindle

    High-frequency grinding spindles Grinding Spindle 1. Tight structure, high mechanical effciency, low noise, low vibration, high precision. 2. Stable running, weak impaction, prolong bearing life of the spindles. 3. High speed, high dynamic and static precision, high...Read More

  • Carving and Milling Spindles

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    Carving and Milling Spindles

    High-frequency carving and milling spindles in middle-small size performance ZYS high-frequency carving and milling spindles are matched with numerical control milling machine, carving & milling machine and parallel connection machine, they can carry on the high speed...Read More

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