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Testing Machine

Base for R&D of Bearing Test Technologies and Test Machines in China
We have developed several hundreds of military and civil bearing test machines and exported them to the United States, Europe and other countries and regions.Testing machine features wide coverage of test bearing dimensions; various test machine types, complete measuring and controlling items; high degree of automation, reaching the leading national level.We have rich experience in Testing machine, and we have a strong research team to support the production of testing machine.
  • Bearing Life Testing Machine

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    Bearing Life Testing Machine

    Main features of Bearing Life Testing Machine: Bearing Life Testing Machine adopts the computer auto control which can preset the load, speed and time etc. according to the actual working state of bearings so as to have the auto control to the bearing temperature, vibration...Read More

  • Bearing Life Testing Machines

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    Bearing Life Testing Machines

    We are sincerely to provide you with the following services: 1.Research and development of all types of bearing tester. 2.The durability test, life test, performance test and special test of special bearings. 3.The planning construction project of bearing laboratory and the...Read More

  • Wheel Hub Bearing Tester

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    Wheel Hub Bearing Tester

    This testing machine can have the splash performance and durability tests to the bearing unit of automobile wheel hub in the environment of slurry and salt water according to the test rules. This machine chooses the structure that it can test two sets of bearings at the same...Read More

  • Fatigue Testing Machine

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    Fatigue Testing Machine

    rotation fatigue testing machine for flanged disc of automobile wheel hub This testing machine may simulate the actual working conditions of bearing unit of automobile wheel hub on the wheel hub to evaluate the anti-fatigue capacity of flanged disc of automobile wheel hub....Read More

  • Moment Rigid Testing Platform

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    Moment Rigid Testing Platform

    The moment rigid testing platform is mainly used for testing the moment rigid of automobile hub. It adopts pneumatically loading and manual control of load; it applies to computer to sample automatically, calculate the angle, and store the data. Luoyang Bearing has been...Read More

  • Spindle Tester

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    Spindle Tester

    The wearing testing platform of high-speed shaft is applied to test the wear performance of high-speed shaft. The closed architecture is applied to its power matching. It adds load to the tested shaft by hydraulic torque loader which is cascaded in the closed transmission...Read More

Luoyang Bearing Science And Technology Co.,ltd.has been engaged in bearing since 1958,ZYS was formerly known as Luoyang bearing research institute,which is the lead in China bearing industry, ZYS is manufacturers and suppliers of high quality bearing products and excellent service.